Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Urban Community Arts Network

UCAN Report Analyzes Relationship Between Live Music and Hip-Hop

Madison, WI - The long-held narrative that live Hip-Hop shows are more violent than other music genres has been called into question. At the request of local non-profit Urban Community Arts Network (UCAN), students from the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology at University of Wisconsin - Madison have analyzed police calls for service and offense data over an eight year period for all live music events in Madison, WI.  Data from the Madison Police Department listed Calls for Service and charged offenses for venues with both a liquor license and entertainment license from 2008 through 2016. Using local archives, students matched police data with live music performances and coded for genre.

Multiple analyses of the data failed to support the notion that live Hip-Hop shows draw more violence than other genres of music such as Country, Rock, EDM, etc.  Additionally, the data set included 11 calls for service coded as a weapons violation, and 13 offense charges coded as a weapons violation. None of these cases were associated with a live Hip-Hop performance or DJ set that was exclusively Hip-Hop music.

Karen Reece, UCAN President, says, "For the first time we have hard data to support what the Hip-Hop community has known for years: there is no reason related to public safety to limit live Hip-Hop performances by local artists. This is the first step in a long road towards dispelling a myth that has severely limited professional and community development of Hip-Hop artists as well as deprived the general community of experiencing a rich, diverse, and very popular art form."

When asked what the team hopes will come out of this study, ShaH Evans, UCAN Vice President, reported, "Music venue owners and city officials need to recognize that there is no evidence suggesting Hip-Hop should be limited in the interest of public safety. This study should open more doors to local Hip-Hop artists."

Click here to view a summary of major findings or click here to view the complete study report. Questions and press inquiries should be directed to Karen Reece via email at or via phone at 608-561-UCAN.  Experience local Hip-Hop on Sunday, June 4 from 4-7pm at the Warner Park shelter for the kick off of UCAN’s summer concert series.